X Factor


"A variable in a given situation that could have the most significant impact on the outcome."

Who We Are

While an “X Factor” is sometimes hard to define, there's nothing mysterious about how we get proven results. Our designs and strategies are creative and unique. All of our consultants are active in their fields, ensuring their knowledge is up-to-date and their skills are sharp. Additionally, our consultants are results-oriented. They know that our clients expect positive outcomes that are measurable and enhance their bottom line.

For this reason, X Factor provides quality service at competitive rates. Since our founding, we've never taken on a project we couldn't handle or a deadline we haven’t met.

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From the Very Beginning...

COVID might have changed the world, but it didn’t hamper our workflow – and for that, we feel very fortunate. Our years of prior experience functioning as online teams enabled us to transition seamlessly to online client meetings and other simple adaptations.

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Old School, New School

We recognize that there’s wisdom in using tried and true methods, and there’s vibrancy in adapting to new models. That’s why we combine the insights and decades of experience of our Senior Training Consultants with modern principles of digital design, strategic planning, instructional design and more. In everything we do, X Factor looks both to what’s worked in the past and what best fits the present to meet the future.

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Game On!

It's no secret that the video games industry is one of the most competitive technology sectors, utilizing the most cutting-edge tools and workflows. Our talent includes years of experience working in game design. For clients requesting gamification strategies, we take the insights learned in game development to assure custom training is engaging and challenging.

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And So Much More

For clients who need custom web, software, or app development, X Factor offers a talented group of engineers with phenomenal problem-solving abilities. Additionally, our development team provides not only programming skills but also usability expertise, both of which are vital to the success of any interactive product.

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Proudly Based
In Te     as

X Factor Consultants is proudly based in Round Rock, Texas

Our Experience

Our people have worked with a wide variety of companies and organizations

large and small. We've used our decades of experience to assist in the growth

and development of organizations such as:​

  • Restaurants

  • Service Companies

  • Publishing Companies

  • Engineering Companies

  • Religious Organizations

  • Quasi-Public Organizations

  • National Non-Profits

  • Science Museums

  • Colleges & Universities

  • Insurance Companies & Agencies

  • 3D Printing Companies

  • Video Game Developers

  • Construction Companies

  • And many more!