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Online Learning & Training
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Online Learning

X Factor produces a broad range of Online Learning courses focused on building technical skills within the domains of Front-end and Back-end web development, Android and IOS application development, Databasing, UX and Interaction Design, Accessibility and Testing, and much more!


You can find our courses hosted on the industry-leading online education and skill-building platform, Pluralsight.

If your organization would like custom online learning content created for students, training created for staff, or tutorials about using your company's software, X Factor is ready to help!

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Corporate Training - Needs Assessment

Effective training does not take place in a vacuum, particularly when it comes to employee training. Understanding the specific needs of a business is key to developing targeted, effective training programs. That is why, at the beginning of a project, we offer clients a thorough needs assessment. This typically includes management interviews and employee focus groups and / or surveys.

During the needs assessment, we work with clients to identify business needs, assess current competencies, identify gaps, and then plan how to bridge those gaps and achieve higher performance.

Based on this data, we prepare a thorough report with specific recommendations. Taking a well-informed, strategic approach provides enhanced value to the client who benefits from not only well-crafted employee training but also the perspective of highly skilled business consultants.

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Corporate Training - Program Development

Once we've determined the needs of the client, we begin building a training program that meets the unique needs of their organization and staff. This training is typically offered online, but may also be a blended approach that includes on-ground training as well.


Our instructional designers work with experienced subject matter experts to develop content, and our designers create attractive training materials to enhance the trainee experience. Additionally, our team's experience in the video game development industry enables us to implement Gamification strategies into our training programs to improve trainee retention and engagement.


Post-Training Follow-Up

Training represents a significant investment on the part of a business. We understand that. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of clients and to assure measurable results, making the training a wise investment.


For that reason, X Factor also includes post-training follow-up. This provides employees with the post-training opportunity to ask questions or get additional information they may need to put their training into practice. Post-training can take many forms, depending on the type of training, complexity of the subject matter, and preferences of the client.