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Bringing Users Back To Your Site

Attracting users to your site is one thing, but getting those return visits is quite another. For many if not most businesses, repeat users are the goal. Take, for example, businesses that sell products through a web store, or even those businesses that regularly add or make changes to their services. For these businesses, encouraging users to return on a regular basis is a must. If people don’t hear from you for awhile, they may no longer consider doing business with your organization. This would likely be due not to anything to you’ve done, but to what you haven’t done.

It’s up to you to provide users with a “return ticket” to your site. There are a variety of means to achieve this, but a word of caution is in order: If you commit to using one of the following strategies to bring return traffic to your site, it is critical that you continue to use the means consistently. Nothing kills a brand faster than failing to update your Social feeds or Blog. So if you can’t commit to doing so on a regular basis or aren’t willing to task updating to a professional, don’t do it at all.


If you are a fan of a blog or two, what is it that draws you there? Would similar qualities attract users to return repeatedly to your site?

A blog is only as good as each of its posts. Well-constructed posts are:

  • Titled appropriately (the name is brief and descriptive of content)

  • Relevant to the reader (know your audience, determine what their needs and goals are, write towards those needs and goals)

  • Brief and interesting (2-3 minute read is ideal; avoid unfamiliar terms and use relevant examples)

  • Of value to the reader without their needing to invest anything more than their time (the information should help the readers further their goals; there should be no lines like “to read the full article, pay $5 / month”).

Social Media Posts

Few businesses today can thrive without a social media presence. Even if your business is small, your audience can grow exponentially through social media. To assure your presence there is professional and effective in every respect, you’ll want to make sure that each post is:

  • Relevant to the reader

  • Includes an appropriate, relevant image of some kind that catches the eye of viewers while they’re scrolling through the feed (bright, on-brand colors, with strong contrast can help achieve this).

  • Brief to read and encourages the user to visit your site (typically one or two sentences long, with links to your website / blog).

Email Blasts and Newsletters

These tools can help funnel users to your blog or website, and are great for keeping customers and contacts aware of your brand. Some guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Send these regularly (at least once a month).

  • Be sure they’re relevant to the reader (e.g., news about their or your industry, tips or tricks to using your products or services, etc.)

  • Include opt-out. The Federal CAN-SPAM act requires email newsletters to allow users to opt-out at any time, so be sure that your email template includes an unsubscribe button. If you fail to do this, you risk being fined. For more info, visit the FTC website.

You can use services like Mailchimp or ConstantContact to send email blasts to your list of contacts.

In Conclusion

Business owners and managers often wear many hats. If you are not comfortable being in charge of composing posts, email blasts, blogs, newsletters, or other means to keep your users engaged in addition to everything else you do, X Factor Consultants can help you achieve the goal of attracting many return users. Give us a call to learn about our content creation services. We’d be happy to help you implement solid steps that can make a world of difference. Contact us today!