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Business Resources During COVID-19

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

A message to all business owners: We know that many businesses are suffering right now due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak. Instead of our usual monthly Tech Factor post, we'll be updating this page with a thorough list of links, resources, and helpful tips that business can use to mitigate the impact of the outbreak.

Be sure to check back for more updates, wash those hands with soap and water and limit contact with others as much as possible. Together we can flatten the viral curve and get back to business as usual!

-Anthony Alampi, Owner, X Factor Consultants LLC

3/22/20: Staying Productive at Home

If you've never worked from home before but have been forced to due to the outbreak, you may be finding it difficult to stay productive and manage your time effectively. Often times, simple tweaks to your lifestyle can have a major impact on improving your ability to stay on task while you're at home.

Luckily, this tips & tricks video playlist is available to help both remote workers and business administrators manage themselves professionally while at home: Playlist Link

Additionally, here are some of our personally recommended tips and tricks for managing yourself remotely. These methods have proven very effective over many years of managing our own remote teams!

Following Through on Assignments:

  • Keep a hand-written check list of daily assignments you know you have to complete. Research has shown that people are more likely to commit to and follow through with tasks that they have written out by hand, rather than ones typed on a keyboard.

  • This is because hand writing requires the brain to internalize what is being written more deeply than symbols that are typed.

  • Even though it may seem redundant, write out assignments given to you through an email on paper, and then physically draw a check mark next to them when completed. At the end of the day, you'll be able to look back at all you've accomplished with satisfaction, which will encourage you to do the same again tomorrow!

Staying on Task:

  • If possible, keep your workspace away from where you eat, sleep, or entertain yourself (watch tv, play games, etc). Compartmentalizing your home in to different locations with different purposes will help you stay on task. Within your home, have a "Work Location"and an "Everything Else" location.

  • If you're used to entertaining yourself on your computer, but you also have to work from it, there are still ways to compartmentalize within the same device. For instance, on Windows 10, you can create multiple desktops within the same computer that you can switch between quickly. Hold down the "Windows Key" and press the "Tab Key" to create a second desktop.

  • You can keep all of your work related files and windows open on one desktop, and then everything else on the other. This will help you stay organized and prevent you from getting sidetracked by non-work related windows or apps, without requiring you to close them.

  • You can check out the official Microsoft Guide like to learn more about how to create multiple desktops in Windows 10.

3/18/20: Financial Assistance

If your business has been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, you may qualify for a Disaster Assistance Loan provided by the Small Business Administration. You can learn more about their program on their website:

3/18/20: Remote Access Software

Many organizations are struggling to make their businesses function remotely outside of the office. We recommend installing Remote Access Software on your office computers to keep you business operating.


Website: | Pricing: Link


Website: | Pricing: Link

If you'd like some aid getting set up with remote software, please reach out and we'll be happy to provide setup assistance. Contact us for assistance.