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Getting Customers Online

As the effects of the pandemic continue to impact businesses throughout the world, many are being forced to acquire 100% of their clientele through digital channels. This may seem daunting to those who are used to getting work through conventional methods like physical advertising and walk-ins to their place of business.

However, it doesn't need to be a challenge to use the internet to your advantage, nor does it have to totally replace what you were doing before! The internet can serve as an ADDITIONAL strategy that you combine with your usual methods to maximize your revenue.

We'll be updating this page with a list of opportunities for businesses to promote themselves online, and detail how to harness the power of digital marketing tools and methods. Be sure to check back regularly for more updates!

4/30/20: Bringing customers to your website

To the uninitiated, drawing customers you've never met before to your website may seem like an impossible task. It isn't! Believe it or not, there is indeed rhyme and reason to how online ads and search engine optimization (SEO) function. If you'd like to learn more about the basics of bringing customers to your site through digital methods, check out our past article:

Driving Traffic to Your Website

4/29/20: Improving your Website's Design

It can't be stressed enough how important it is that businesses create a strong and professional Online Presence during quarantine. Many customers are unwilling to do business with an organization before hiring them, and will want to vet them first.

Businesses create an image of legitimacy by maintaining a quality store or business location, purchasing signage and branding their vehicles, and providing workers with business cards and uniforms. A large number of businesses actually have a rather poor online presence, which was previously offset by the strong in-person impression they created. By the time they got to your "good enough" website, a customer had already come in contact with your great employees and storefront, so they didn't mind that not a lot of effort or design sense was put in to the site.

However, when customers are in quarantine, 100% of their impression of your business is based on what they see online, making that "good enough" website NOT good enough anymore.

Luckily, some very minor changes to common design mistakes can greatly improve the look of your site and give it a huge advantage over competing businesses who aren't willing to spend the time. We've compiled some of the most common mistakes and their fixes two past articles:

How Professional is Your Site?

Images vs Text: When to use What

If you'd like some aid implementing these sorts of design fixes in to your site, please reach out and we'll be happy to provide assistance! Contact us for assistance.