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Picking the Right Website Structure

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

How People ACTUALLY Use Websites - Part 2

The structure of a site is as important as furniture placement in a room. Users can choose not to enter at all, can enter and then “trip” over information that's out of place, or they can effectively navigate and comfortably utilize it.

Users visit a site in search of specific information, so emphasizing the information they need by structuring your site properly is key. If a site is not structured correctly, users may be turned off by the site and simply leave, taking their valuable business with them. So choosing the correct site structure can be the difference between a sound investment and a poor one.

Scrolling / Landing Page Site

One type is the Scrolling / Landing Page site. This format is appropriate for websites on which every user needs to be brought on a journey through multiple steps in order to get the most out of the site.

A good example of this type is a landing page website to market a mobile app:

  • The site introduces the name of the app and images of it at the top.

  • Next, it provides a brief description of the app’s functions and key features.

  • Then it leads users to a download link at the bottom.

The site’s only purpose is to guide users to the download, so a single page is appropriate.

Multi-page Websites

Sometimes, a user wants to learn about a specific service you provide and doesn't want to be railroaded along a singular path where everything you do is described in detail. For businesses that offer many services but have clients who only utilize a few of them, a Multi-Page Site may be more appropriate.

A Multi-Page Site's home page may use the Scrolling / Landing Page format to introduce the user to all of the key features of the site, with links to other pages with more specific information. An example of this structure may look something like this:

  • The homepage starts with a slideshow at the top featuring recent work completed.

  • Then a summary of products / services with links to full descriptive pages below.

  • At the bottom, you may include a contact form / link at bottom.

The linked service pages would provide detailed information about the content summarized on the home page:

Choosing Your Structure

To determine which structure best fits your company’s needs, consider the products / services you offer and what information the user actually needs to make a decision as to whether or not they should purchase from you. Is all of this information provided to visitors quickly without requiring them to jump through hoops to find it? If not, you may want to re-structure your website. This doesn’t necessarily mean a full re-design. It could simply mean shifting content around to feature the most important info first.

If you'd like the help of a professional designer to make this process easier and implement any changes required, we'd be happy to help! X Factor will analyze your site, provide useful feedback, and address any flaws that impact the overall professional look of this all-important business tool. Contact us today!