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Your Website as a Sales Funnel

A website can be an incredible sales funnel, a way to help your company close business, and a great resource for information for your users. All of this and more can be achieved with your website but only if your site is intentionally designed with these goals in mind. A website with clearly defined goals for the users such as signing up for a mailing list or making purchases in the online store, will have a much easier time helping the user accomplish these tasks than a site that lacks a mission. 

Netflix’s website is a perfect example of a site’s being successfully designed towards a goal. It unobtrusively leads first time visitors through the process of making a Netflix account and subscribing, while leaving little room for confusion yet plenty of user autonomy through the process so they do not feel forced. Your users should always feel like they are able to explore your site as they want to, without “turn-offs” that will drive them away. This means your goal for the site should be present in every page they search.

Drawing Users to Your Site

A site will only be effective if it’s got the right audience visiting and interacting with the pages. Therefore, putting in the effort to learn about your audience and their internet tendencies is essential so that you may meet them where they are instead of forcing them to come to you. To find your audience, you may consider questions such as: Where do my target audience interact the most on the web? Which social media sites do they frequent often? Choosing correctly the channels that you market on can make all the difference when funneling users to your site. 

Final Thoughts

Once you have an idea of your audience's digital habits, you can begin to advertise and promote your site. By targeting users who are likely interested in your company, you will bring in traffic that is more receptive to your site and, therefore, more likely to close business using your site. If you would like help in bringing traffic to your site, please reach out and we'll be happy to provide assistance! Contact us for assistance.